SPRINGFIELD – State Senator Scott Bennett (D-Champaign) voted today to approve a bipartisan capital improvement budget and legislation to bring a long-awaited casino to Danville.

The multibillion dollar investment will create jobs, modernize the state’s infrastructure and include funds for the 52nd District to finance needed construction projects. It allocates funding for transportation projects including roads and bridges, education infrastructure, state facilities, environmental conservation projects, and mental health care and human services centers.

The comprehensive capital plan also includes a measure to expand gaming in Illinois. Senate Bill 690 would authorize the building of six new casinos throughout the state, including one in Danville.

“We’ve been trying to bring a casino to Danville for years, and I’m thrilled that we finally have the chance,” Bennett said. “This tremendous opportunity to create revenue, jobs and economic growth in Danville is a direct result of tireless advocacy and the coalition of Vermilion County elected officials who fought for decades to include Danville in gaming expansion in Illinois.”

Sports betting would also be legalized under the bill. Existing casinos, races tracks and sports facilities would be allowed to apply for a license.

Bennett said a casino will help Danville and Illinois remain competitive with other states, bring both temporary and permanent jobs and create much-needed local revenue for the area.

“This will provide an economic spark for the economy in Danville,” Bennett said. “This is revenue that could be invested in schools, public health and social services or workforce training and job development that can help families and communities in the area.”

Having received the approval of the Illinois House and Senate, the capital plan and gaming expansion now heads to the governor for consideration. 


SPRINGFIELD – State Senator Scott Bennett (D-Champaign) voted for progress for the second year in a row Saturday, passing a balanced budget that invests in public education at all levels and supports our most vulnerable Illinoisans.

“I’m grateful for the hard work that’s gone into putting forth a State budget that focuses on the things that will keep Illinois moving forward,” Bennett said. “Under this budget, we are increasing educational opportunities and strengthening social infrastructure for families and communities throughout the state.”

The approved budget appropriates $375 million in additional funding for K-12 education, $25 million more than required by the evidence-based school funding formula. It also includes $50 million in new funding for early childhood education programs.

The plan also invests a five percent funding boost to higher education, including $35 million for the AIM High tuition grant program that provides additional assistance to Illinois students to remain in the state and attend public colleges and universities. MAP grants, upon which many college students also depend to fund their education, will also receive $451 million in funding.

“From pre-school through college, this budget reflects the importance of educating our children and supporting them on their way to bright futures and lasting careers,” Bennett said.

Bennett also voted to continue to rebuild the state’s critical human service network. Full funding for child care assistance program, homeless prevention services, autism program, addiction treatment and prevention services, the senior-based Community Care Program, youth employment services and several other necessary services are included. Additionally, a $12 million grant will also go to communities throughout the state for violence prevention programs.

“Over the past few years, Illinois has balanced its budget by cutting critical funding for social services and it’s had a detrimental impact on how human and health services are delivered in this state,” Bennett said. “With this plan, we are prioritizing the most vulnerable in our state: children, families, and individuals living with developmental disabilities or mental health issues and seniors.”

The budget will fund state government for Fiscal Year 2020, beginning July 1.


SPRINGFIELD – State Senator Scott Bennett (D-Champaign) voted today to allow adults over the age of 21 to legally purchase and possess cannabis in Illinois.

“There are thousands of Illinoisans who are already using cannabis recreationally,” Bennett said. “This is an opportunity to bring existing illegal sales into the light where they can be taxed and regulated to ensure that adults are using a safe, reliable product.”

Under House Bill 1438, Illinois residents would be able to possess up to 30 grams of cannabis, 5 grams of cannabis concentrate or 500 milligrams of THC in a cannabis-infused product. The legal cannabis market will be based on Illinois’ medical cannabis system, one of the most well-regulated in the country. Cannabis products will be tested extensively to ensure their safety, and businesses will be required to label products with test results and product warnings to inform individuals of potency and serving size.  

The legislation also includes provisions affording local control to towns and municipalities to allow local governments to limit the operation of cannabis businesses in their communities or choose to prevent these businesses from operating altogether. They are also permitted to enact ordinances restricting or allowing public consumption.

Additionally, revenue from taxes on recreational sales would be earmarked for law enforcement, public education campaigns, substance abuse treatment and other programs to help communities affected by the war on drugs.

“I am encouraged that this proposal recognizes that every community is different and will allow local governments to tailor the legalization process to better meet the needs of their communities, residents, and businesses,” Bennett said.  

The legislation will now move to the House for concurrence.


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